My last days on the vegan diet went fairly well. I tried out a few new recipes and did some exercising. I also did a lot of thinking about what I would do with myself following the end of this diet.

A note on the recipes I tried: I made garbanzo cutlets with vegan mashed potatoes, and vegan gravy. I was disappointed and felt that dinner was a bit of a flop. It took a long time to prepare/cook everything and it all turned out a bit bland. My hubby also was not impressed.

I also made some spinach linguini with edemame pesto. I didn’t have mushrooms that this recipe called for and think it  was missed. However, I thought this was a very quick meal to make and really enjoyed it. I wish the edemame had stuck better to the pasta, but that might be something I just need to work out the next time I make it.

Where I go from here – I think I decided to remain an omnivore. I will lean towards more vegetarian/vegan cooking and options at restaurants, but there were some food items that I actually missed eating. I also never really quite figured out how to eat while training. My ride is coming up very soon and I can’t myself through another nauseated training ride (like this past Sunday). I want to make it work though, I just need to continue doing research and ease my body into it instead of the shock treatment I gave myself on those ride days.

Weigh in – I didn’t lose weight or inches this week, but I think an overall weight loss of 3 pounds isn’t bad! Wish it had been more. But like big sis, I think I changed something in my body – I wish I had taken the before and after pictures because I think it would have been encouraging. I did notice that my jersey was fitting better over the past three weeks.

I enjoyed my end day – I had an asiago cheese bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese for breakfast. At lunch – I actually preferred to have my vegan tacos (added cheese). I didn’t really notice the cheese so I don’t think I’ll get it that way next time – might as well cut out those calories. At dinner, I made the pasta I talked about earlier and had a cookie (which ended up not being worth my time).

This week I have been disappointed in myself. I guess I feel too free and have been eating recklessly. I need to be like my Big Sis and use “My Fitness Pal”. I think eating a vegan was working for me because there were specific rules to follow.

Lil Sis

Extra note: last night we had the left over edemame pesto pasta and I also made the Chocolate Soy Milk Banana shakes from the kick start menu. I really enjoyed mine! It was extremely filling though. Not exactly a “light desert” – it would actually make a filling breakfast.


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