Day 15

My only issue with today was lunch. It was terrible. We went to Which Wich, which I was excited about because I love their vegetarian sandwiches. I did my research and found that my only options were the hummus or the tomato/avocado sandwiches, which was fine. I wasn’t sure about the bread though.
So we got to the place and found they have changed their menu up (not updated on their nutritional information) – but you can get bowls instead of sandwiches. I was intrigued! So I got a bowl with lots of veg and added avocado and hummus. …Yuck. Gross. It was terrible. Plus I think I was looking forward to a warm meal and it tasted like it was right out of the freezer! So disappointed and I didn’t have anything at work to feel my tummy with a better lunch. I ended up having popcorn and the left over baked garbanzos with chipotle powder my mom made for my ride when I got back to the office.
Ran to the grocery store to stock up. I found some vegan friendly chips – POPchips. Be aware some of the flavors are not vegan. The ingrediants are listed as “vegan” for those that are ok.
Dinner was fun – I made the Hearty Chili Macaroni and a different cornbread recipe. I should have used the one you suggested, Big Sis. This one wasn’t bad but it needed something else. It made an excellent “crust” for the chili though. Like it says in the preamble of the recipe – best “smothered in chili”.
Putting up the food from dinner…we have TONS of leftovers! Did yours make this much, Big Sis? I think I put in too much maccaroni…
What I ate today –
B: Fiber one with raisins and vanilla soy milk
S: Orange and sliced almonds
L: Which Wich salad bow with hummus and avacado and baked lays
S: lime/salt popcorn and a few Twigs and Sticks, baked garbanzos and blueberry So Delicious yogurt
D: Hearty Chili Macaroni and vegan corn bread and grapes
E: none
Lil Sis

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